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Land of the Blindfolded

Alt titles: Mekakushi no Kuni

Land of the Blindfolded Cover Image
4.082 out of 5 from 294 votes
Rank #1,319


Kanade has a secret - occasionally, she catches glimpses of the future when she touches people. Even though others find her strange and shun her, she tries to use her powers to save people from their painful futures. One day, a boy in her class, Arou, finds out her secret and reveals that he has one too - he can see the past! Although he is startled by her optimistic view of her powers and can't understand her helpful attitude, the two fall in love. However, several problems stand in their way; with Kanade's recklessness, a rival for Kanade's affections who also shares their secret, and Arou's manipulative uncle standing in the way, can their relationship survive?


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Sakura TSUKUBA Artist
Sakura TSUKUBA Author

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Hana to Yume rosethorn999 121 Apr 18, 2014
The Worst of Shoujo Manga SebasCielStar 6 Mar 21, 2014
Fluffy Must reads Caffienated027 4 May 31, 2013

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High School Debut

High School Debut

Haruna has never been feminine; she was the star pitcher of the softball team in middle school and didn't focus on relationship, but now that she's in high school she has a new goal: to have a shoujo manga-style relationship. While Haruna tries to be attractive and get a boyfriend, she has no idea how to accomplish her goal; and thus, she recruits the reluctant Yoh as her coach. Yoh is very attractive and dislikes women and the problems they cause, but is impressed by Haruna's determination and agrees upon one condition: she promises not to fall in love with him. Thus begins the crazy relationships of Haruna, Yoh and their friends as they all struggle to find themselves and their true loves.


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Both stories share the similar unbelievably positive energy.  Most of the shoujo romances tend to go for dramatic twists and overexaggerated drama, but this two are different. They both show sweet and pure romance, while still taking into account that the world isn't a bad of roses.

Even though there are many different shoujo mangas with overly optimistic heroine, i'm pretty sure that those two fit together stronger than just a 2 random shoujo titles. If you like one you should enjoy the other as well.