Lament of the Lamb

Alt titles: Hitsuji no Uta

Vol: 7; Ch: 47
3.527 out of 5 from 206 votes
Rank #4,159
Lament of the Lamb main image

Kazuna is a young man with a fairly normal life. He attends high school, lives with his surrogate family, and models for his somber love-interest Yaegashi's paintings. But recently, he has suffered several crippling attacks at the sight of blood - attacks which leave him incapacitated and out of control. Kazuna must now reunite with his sister who he has not seen in years, and discover the truth behind his family name and vampiric genes, before his bloodthirsty desires destroy himself, or others close to him.

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Fireaxe's avatar by Fireaxe on Oct 5, 2009
Score: 8/10

Originally posted on the forums on April 5th 2009I've just finished reading the last volume of Hitsuji no Uta, and while I much preferred the ending Kei Toume picked for the manga (compare to the OVA), I still have mixed feeling about it overall. Maybe it's just me who can't handle so... read more

Omurqi's avatar by Omurqi on Jan 7, 2010
Score: 9.3/10

After watching the anime OVA version of Lament of the Lamb a good while ago, I looked a little into it and quickly found out it was actually an adaption of the manga. Since I loved the 1h45 show for its dark, gritty and gloomy way of storytelling, the manga was quickly marked as Want to Read. However, due to all sorts of things, I kept putting it off until now. How I regret not reading... read more

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