La Corda d'Oro

Alt title: Kiniro no Corda


Custom Lists

  • Kiss of the Rose Princess
  • Angel Sanctuary
  • Angelique
  • Akira
  • Alice 19th

Would read online by Kazaarkat

Making list to remove from my other lists as they may be added in the distant future if I ever get around to it.

  • The Tyrant Falls in Love
  • Boku wa Kisu de Uso wo Tsuku
  • Alice in the Country of Hearts
  • La Corda d'Oro

Perfect Endings I Wanted by mx3288

There really is nothing like getting the ending you've been hoping for through the whole series. These are some manga where I got exactly what I wanted. I am sooooo happy. In order of most happiness...

  • Love Stage!!
  • Rutta to Kodama
  • Junjou Romantica
  • Ouran High School Host Club
  • La Corda d'Oro

I Love Theseeeeeeee, Read Them!!! by mx3288

Anime I've read or am reading that I love and recommend wholeheartedly.

  • Flower in a Storm
  • Boys' Kingdom
  • Beauty Pop
  • Beast Master
  • A Devil and Her Love Song

Just the absolutly best ones! ;3 by Skip96Beat

Every serie can be found on! :)

  • Akaku Saku Koe
  • Aniki wa Tsunayoshi!
  • Apothecarius Argentum
  • Arisa
  • Backstage Prince

Un-read Shoujo by Sachi

Shoujo on my want-to-read list.