Kyou, Koi wo Hajimemasu

Alt titles: Tsubaki Love, Today, We'll Start Our Love


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awesome manga <3by Jokoono

A list of manga's that I love so much I could reread it a thousand times. Not in order. There are even manga that aren't finished yet so when I am impatiant ( as always) and can't wait for new chapters I just start again from the beginning ;p

Favorite Manga Listby Pigbunny2Devilish

One Word. 7 Letters. 2 Syllables. Romance❤

Best Couples (manga)by GoldenAmethyst

Some of the cutest couples in manga

Noteworthy Mangaby BlueDawn

Manga worth checking out!

Shoujo Romanceby Ose93

I'm on a quest to read adorable shoujo romance stories. Also, boy do I need to start separating this list.

Desire Manga List!by Hestia19

Little bit more won't hurt...

Top 10 completed shoujoby IoannaChan

The best shoujo manga I've read so far

My Fav Manga ^^by Asharan

a Must Read! :-) Not in any particular order.

Favourite Shoujo manga listby Shinayda

You Could Say They're Ranking But Some Aren't And Some Doesn't Have A Description Yet I'll Try my best To Put all