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Kurosagi: The Black Swindler

Kurosagi: The Black Swindler Cover Image
3.842 out of 5 from 102 votes
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Kuromaru Artist
Takeshi NATSUHARA Author

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Manga Made Into Live Action DragonNeko 51 Apr 8, 2014
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Must Read Psylock 21 Feb 1, 2014

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Liar Game

Liar Game
  • Vol: 16+; Ch: 172+
  • 2005 - ?

"Congratulations! You are 1 of 100,000 people who have been entered in the amazing Liar Game tournament!" For Nao Kanzaki, an overly-naïve student, receiving this message in the mail was only the beginning of an unending financial and psychological nightmare. Winning the game means riches beyond one’s wildest dreams, while failure means crushing debt. And with no choice but to play the game, Nao quickly turns to Shinichi, a well-known swindler, for help. However, little do the two know just how far the Liar Game goes. Who will win, and who will lose it all?

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Both manga involve a compelling, confident, and very clever character who possesses the skills and know-how of a con man, but uses this ability to con the con man, so to speak. In Liar Game, the protagonist uses his ability in settings where every character is trying to trick another and every character knows it, at least in principle. While in Kurosagi, the protagonist makes a point of feigning innocence and tricking others by playing the victim. They both weave logical webs to ensnare their opponents and if you enjoyed one then I think you would enjoy the other.


The main character of both, swindles swindlers. In the Liar game it is limited to the competition of the Liar's Game, whilst in Kurosagi it is a life style. Both involve ingeniuos plans put together by the main character to out-do the plans of their adverseries.