Kuroko’s Basketball

Alt title: Kuroko no Basuke


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Przeczytaneby szczurzyca

Przeczytane w połowie lub w całości

Best Artworkby ViolaPetrichor

This is me at my strictest. Honestly, I like the artwork of everything I've read. It's half of the reason I choose to read anything. It's the primary means of portraying the story and the characters' emotion. I say "best," but this is really just my...

Favorite Shounen/seinen Mangaby ViolaPetrichor

I figured I made one for Shoujo/josei so might as well.

Manga I think you should readby TaterHater

I love manga, I pretty much read all day so I thought I would make a list about my favourites..... They don't have all my favourites so it's going to be pretty short though...

t0p 10by GokuFiend9000

My favorite mangas read and reading

Heart Twistersby ViolaPetrichor

Get me right in the feels...in a good way.