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Koudelka Cover Image
3.314 out of 5 from 48 votes
Rank #4,691


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Yuji IWAHARA Artist
Yuji IWAHARA Author

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List Title Username Entries Date
manga list 3+ YamiRin 2267 Feb 2, 2014
En3mick rated the Koudelka manga 3.5/5 stars
En3mick read Koudelka at 3 of 3 volumes
Tiranna wants to read Koudelka
Umecan read Koudelka at 3 of 3 volumes
Xiaolinka read Koudelka at 3 of 3 volumes

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Yoru Naku Suzume

Yoru Naku Suzume


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The plots of these two manga aren't particularly similar (though both involve missing people and some sort of mystery), however, both take place in a fantasy Victorian Europe-type setting, and have a similar atmosphere and general "feel".