Koibana Onsen




Sex, sex and sex. Only thing that contains this manga is all about sex. There's a razor thin margin between hentai and this manga. Or you can say there's no difference between highly censored hentai manga and Koibana Onsen. No strong story line, just some random stuff about Onsen customers and blah blah blah. I like to read ecchi & matured theme manga but only with one condition, there have to be drama and some ups and downs in relationship. So I thought I'd give it a try. This manga seemed to me a river without flow. Just moving forward without ups and downs and just full of sexual contents, nothing more.


The story starts when Akiyama Kazuhiro the main male lead came to Koibana Onsen alone with a heart break. Koibana Onsen is actually for couples, so when the Nonohara sisters who run the Koibana Onsen founnd out about his problem they decided to help him. And so when they almost made it and bring Akiyama and her girlfriend together Akiyama suprisingly confessed his love of Nonoka to his girlfriend. So their relationship ended their and Akiyama decided to win over Nonoka. That's why he started as a part timer in Koibana Onsen. There was no hindrance or upside down thrill in their relationship. They easily fall for each other without any drama or what so ever. So I didn't find any strong plot or any thing.

Though some might enjoy the relationship of Rurika and Shuuhei couple. But personally I prefer Fuuka's background story. And about Moeka X Gin couple really pissed me off. Other than these the story is covered with strange couples and thier weird acts. So I'll give it 5 out of 10.


Not so good and not so bad either. Sometimes some face expression was horrible but Nonoka's expression compensate those horrible arts. Some face expression off Akiyama really pissed me off. Only three Nonohara sisters' character art and background art are what I liked. I'll give 5 out of 10.


Character's characterstics can be better when the story line is good. So there's nothing much to talk about. But one thing for sure if there was no character like Fuuka the story could have been more boring. She is the only reason so that anyone can count it as a comedy manga. Nonoka is beautiful and good wife type, Moeka is clumsy type, Rurika is what you can call Tsundere but lowest of the low Tsundere I'd say. There's nothing much to talk abou Akiyama! But he's the main character! Gimme a break. Shuuhei and Gin they are the quite opposite if you count their size, but both of them are not manly man GUHHHH... I'll give 6 out of 10 only for Nonohara sisters.


Overall I'll give 5.5 out of 10. I lost my interest while I was in chapter 30 but still I was able to read it to the end and felt all I did was just waste my time. In the beginning I really liked it but the story ended without any surprise or any interesting event. This one is not that type of manga which will hit you or make you think about it over and over. This is just an average harem, ecchi manga without potential. Personally I didn't like it and I won't recommend it. But if you are obessed about only passonate sex and stuff then you can try this one.

5/10 story
5/10 art
6/10 characters
5.5/10 overall
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This popped up in the random manga section, I was mighty bored and a little horny. It was the perfect procrastination tool. I read it all in one day. So what do I have to say?

Well, seeing as I read it all in one day, I can tell you one thing. It actually does not get repetitive. A lot of the stories are one chapter stories, but they sometimes have 3 chapter arcs. I'm surprised it doesn't get repetetive, seeing as it's more or less just smut and fan-service. You really get to know the characters, and as a guy, you definitely understand the sexual frustration the other guys that are there go through, you can easily imagine you would have a boner 24/7 as well lol.

The characters are solid, and they all develop at a good pace. In one way I'm sad it didn't focus on the "main character" the whole manga but there was no way to do that and make it a good read. Kudos to the author. 

I loved the art. It's a little "suspicious" when all the women except 1 have perfect tits and are horny as hell but hey, what you gonna do? The manga is what it is, and for the genre it executes it well in my eyes. Though that probably doesn't hold much value since this is the first erotic manga I've ever read. Either it was a good read, kept me entertained the whole way, I never got bored. There could have been a little more humor in the first chapters, but it get's funnier as it goes on. I recommend this to anyone who likes a fair romance plot with le sexytiemz.

Also, probably to anyone who gets turned on when women get horny unwantingly. Oh wait, that's right, that's every Japanese person out there. I swear, all Japanese are potential rapists.

8/10 story
8/10 art
7/10 characters
7/10 overall
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This will be my first review, so I hope it helps! I will try not to spoil too much, but parts of this manga will be spoiled to those reading this. 

I have read plenty of manga from innocent humor to...well this manga here. This is most definatly an explicit content, harem manga, and would certainly not go over well if seen by a manager or family member.


But anyway, like most ecchi or harem mangas/animes, not too much room for creativity in the story is allowed. This manga doesn't do amazing in this perspective, but it isn't simply fan service the whole way through. (There is quite a lot of that packed in though.) Relationships pop up, unlikely and otherwise, but really, not super creative.


I really liked the characters. The main male character really grows during his employment and goes from an inexperienced little guy to almost an older brother/advisor to the other male characters. the only thing that stops a very high character score is the girls. Don't get me wrong, nothing wrong with nude shots and fan service, but it is layed down thick. The female characters grow and progress, but in the direction I would not prefer; they essentially just wind up begging for sex at every moment. Fuuka is the only female character I liked, having a few chapters as her own backstory and acting as the older sister to all the girls. (That being said, she is actually an older sister to two of them.) Other than those two, the characters were generally above average, ignoring the overly thick fanservice.


Not much to say about art. I personally didn't love it, but it really is just personal opinion. The faces looked very real sometimes, and then just plain odd othertimes.


I didn't love this manga, but it was a nice way to take up about a week and a half. I would recomend reading it.

Overall score: 7.5/10

7.5/10 story
6/10 art
9/10 characters
7.5/10 overall
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