Kitchen Princess

Alt title: Kitchen no Ohime-sama

Vol: 10; Ch: 46
4.138 of 5 from 1,076 votes
Rank #1,423
Kitchen Princess

When Najika was a little girl, her parents died, and she nearly did as well until a boy saved her and gave her a flan so that she'd stop crying. Since then Najika has wanted to once more meet her ‘Flan Prince,' though all she has to go on is the silver spoon he left behind. Now a young lady, Najika is on her way to Tokyo to study at Seika Academy, the origin of the spoon and a prestigious cooking school. While there she'll hone her culinary skills, help transform a school eatery into something special and make new friends such as the brothers Daichi and Sora - but will she ever find her prince?

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BlairSanne Jul 19, 2015
Score 8.5/10

Short review: It has problems, but in the end I really liked it. Long review:

Kitchen Princess is a cute and enjoyable manga that somehow veered off course toward the end and missed a few plot opportunities (ultimately lowering the story score). The ending is predictable, but the last few turns to get there feel a bit "off".

Although most of the plot is "I'm just a country girl... read more

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deideiblueeyez Mar 2, 2013
Score 6/10

For some reason, I like cooking manga. I like how people draw the foods and the characters mangakas create that prepare/serve the food. Usually these people are very free-spirited, spontaneous, devoted, and ambitious people without acting too annoying. Almost all cooking and food manga --if not like Toriko, which deals with "fictional foods"--often has cooking tips and recipes sprinkled in the... read more

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