Kiss x Sis

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Yoru Made Matenai.

Yoru Made Matenai.

Haruka is a sweet, innocent high school girl who is very excited to meet her new step-brother, Tsukasa. Since her father works overseas, Haruka has been living alone, but now that her father has remarried, she'll have little grade schooler Tsukasa with her while both their parents are out of the country. When they finally meet, Tsukasa is even cuter than Haruka had hoped! He wants to get her help with his homework and sleep in her bed...and undress her and make love to her!?

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JAhU JAhU says...

Yoru Made Matenai is like a twinless and less explicit shoujo cousin of Kiss x Sis. Rather than writing the "if you liked one" formula, I can say that it is very unlikely that you are going to like one of those if you didn't like the other.