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Kiss and Never Cry

Kiss and Never Cry Cover Image
3.481 out of 5 from 53 votes
Rank #3,980


Michiru is a young Japanese girl who lives in America and dreams of ice dancing. She begins to train with a boy named Leon, but is soon crushed when she discovers that she must move back to Japan and give up ice dancing to become a singles skater. Michiru decides that she will run away with Leon, but he declines to go with her. Thus when Leon learns that Michiru does not return home that night, he fears the worst and rushes out to look for her. He finds her at the local skating rink, but something terrible has happened and Michiru is no longer the same happy girl she once was. Seven years later, Leon, now a ballet dancer, travels to Japan for work and meets Michiru, who is training to ice dance with a new partner. She is still emotionally unstable and asks Leon to stay with her so that she does not self-destruct. With Leon by her side, will Michiru be able to overcome her past and finally follow her dreams?

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Yayoi OGAWA Artist
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