Kingdom Hearts

Vol: 4; Ch: 42
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Following its destruction many years ago, the world now consists of many disconnected lands that once again face the threat of annihilation. Sora is a young boy who lives on a tropical island with his friends Riku and Kairi. However the night before the trio is due to set sail on an exploration voyage, they encounter monsters known as the Heartless. During his struggle with them, a large Keyblade appears before Sora and he is transported to the faraway Traverse City. There he meets Donald and Goofy, two representatives of the king who are in need of his power as keybearer. Now, Sora travels with his new companions in order to find the keyhole hidden in each world and lock away its heart to protect it from harm,  hopefully finding out what happened to his friends along the way. But with other evil forces afoot, will Sora and the others really be able to save everyone and keep all worlds safe?

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