Kimi ni Todoke: From Me to You

Alt title: Kimi ni Todoke

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Last Game

Last Game

He's rich, he's smart, girls gather around him all the time, and he has always gotten first place on his exams... well, until Kujou transferred in his primary school class. She was quiet, plain, and poor, yet not once has she failed at beating Yanagi, both in academics and sports! Yanagi has made it his life goal to defeat this girl Kujou. Over the past ten years, Yanagi has followed her from elementary to middle school, from middle school to high school and even from high school to college to defeat her. Only when he decides to change the rules might he finally win! This is the story of their last game.

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acdy123 acdy123 says...

I really liked both of these, and I think that the two main female characters are kind of similar. Also, they're both about the romance between the two main characters, where the guy is popular and love with the girl and the girl is completely oblivious and unaware.

daysie1234 daysie1234 says...

These are very similiar, and kindof torturous to read, I think. The girl in both is socially isolated and just all and out awkward. The guy is, of course, a prince charming. The girl is totally oblivious to his feelings and only focuses on making friends. They're also school based.

If you like torturously slow, romance manga, then these are for you.

ChibiAlucard13 ChibiAlucard13 says...

Both stories have an awkward main female character that is dense yet cute and a popular main male character that decides to woo her for whatever reason. The romance between the characters is slow to develop and silly/cute.

Katspearl Katspearl says...

They're both very pure love stories where you can see the whole process of falling in love. However, Kimi ni Todoke also goes more into what goes on after starting to go out while Last Game is all about the journey.

wonkuenoemos wonkuenoemos says...

Somehow when I read Last Game, it remind me of Kimi ni Todoke.

Because of lack experience in social relationship, Kujou the heroin of this series, whose always take priority to give her mom a better life as number one after her father died, never have a real social relationship beetwen her peer. She has plain appearance. She always busy to work harder and override all of unnecessary thing like social relationship. As a result, she always gain top possition in many way (like studying, etc).

Yanagi, a handsome and rich boy who always in top possition before Kujou transfered to his class, become annoyed by her presence. He make determination and declaration to beat her. For the sake of his purpose, he always attending school whereever Kojou is. From elementary school until college (for ten years), he never win again her. During their competition, they gradually become best friend. First, Yanagi though Kujou as his rival but gradually interested and secretly fall to her. Unfortunately, Kujou who is never had experience in social relationship unaware of Yanagi's either her feeling (She consider Yanagi as special person in her life but as a best friend*~Kujou's version~ in fact it is more to love someone). So Yanagi who sense her feeling toward him, promise himself to make her realize that she is already falling in love with Yanagi. And this series tale about effort of Yanagi to make his purpose come true.

I think Kujou's condition similar to sawako whose both of them unaware of their feeling. They didn't have experience in relationship too.

Kimi ni Todoke and Last Game equally have funny side. But Last game doesn't have sad part compared to Kimi ni Todoke.

Haaa... It's my first review. Just it. I hope this review can be useful for you. I'm sorry if my english isn't good enough. And last, thanks for reading.

AlexaSN AlexaSN says...

The two mangas havea similar vide to them. The stories are about isolated girls, that are really naive and oblivious to many things, how they learn to socialize withb the people around them and make friends. Also the mangas show the slow romance between the main character and the main male, which is quite pure and suble

Kekichan Kekichan says...

They both have a sweet, awkward romance and both female protagonists are similar. The settings and main male protagonists are different but the overall feel of the relationship is similar.

Masteranimegirl Masteranimegirl says...

Loved Kimi ni Todoke's story, and it kind of relates to Last Game so much! Its so interesting! This guy wants to have revenge but he ends up falling in love with her! So cute!

1589 1589 says...

i loved reading the manga kimi ni todoke because it had all the features which i believe is greatest

it has


slice of life 

school life comedy and lot more

and it is also an anime which can be related to ur life which makes it even more intresting


Strobe Edge

Strobe Edge

Ninako’s friend Daiki throws her for a loop when he expresses romantic interest in her. She cares for him, but can she return his feelings? As she tries to sort out her confusion, Ninako realizes that there are many different facets of love—strange and wonderful sides…

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silverfur silverfur says...

They are both mangas that relate the high school life of a young girl. It reminds you of your first love and the happiest times spent at school.

bonbon2190 bonbon2190 says...

Both are stories of a first love though the main characters' personality is different. The girl discovers love as a new experience. The humor in both are very similar, and the cute romantic aspect of it would remind you of the other.

hypnokinesis hypnokinesis says...

Both have the lovable and slightly clueless heroine falling for the most popular guy in school, supported by a cast of wonderful friends. They both give you that warm feeling after you read it :)

Misachi Misachi says...

Both have adorable art styles with lovable characters. You can't help cheering for the cheerful herions.

Say I Love You.

Say I Love You.

Mei Tachibana has had neither a friend nor a boyfriend in 16 years, and she doesn’t plan on ending that streak any time soon. The outcast learned years ago that social obligations only lead to pain, and has carefully guarded her heart to keep from getting hurt. However, the girl can’t stay withdrawn forever, especially after attracting the attention of the handsome Yamato, who finds her caustic personality interesting and strives to date her after she roundhouse kicks him down the stairs. But even the most earnest of romances can be crippled by jealousy and insecurity, and this pair has plenty of both. Can their feelings for each other overcome their own emotional weaknesses, or will this love perish before it even begins?

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LoveMeMember LoveMeMember says...

Both mangas focus on a girl who stays away from making friends their whole life only to be thrust into the spotlight by a popular boy who falls for them. They face similar situations and insecurities as they slowly begin opening up to the outside world. The character set up is also the same; boy - popular, girl - loner; after meeting boy and boy's question(Will you be my gf?) the girl makes two close friends that don't seem like girl's type at all. Both are touching stories about a difficult love life! :) It'll be impossible to like one and not the other. 

Bradalee Bradalee says...

Both focus on an unpopular girl as she and the most popular guy in school fall in love. Both can get fairly heavy with the romance, and can be quite touching at times.

If you liked one i see no reason why you wouldn't enjopy the other.

Meishu Meishu says...

When I was re-reading Suki-tte Ii na yo again after a long time, I thought 'hey! this setup reminds me a lot of kimi ni todoke!' and if no one recommended it already then I will!

Well, looks like someone beat me to it, which I guess kind of furthers why they're similar mangas.

Both stories center around an unpopular and lonely girl who, over the course of the story and with the help of her very popular love interest slowly manages to break out of her shell. Both mangas center around a cutesy and pure sort of romance as well as pure friendships, themed around the idea that your true friends will accept you the way you are. Both mangas are very heartwarming (as are their anime counterparts) and if you liked one it's highly likely you'll enjoy the other. Kimi ni Todoke is a bit slower moving with the main romance than Suki-tte Ii na yo is, and the latter is also full of more sexual references than the former, but both stories are still, at their core, very sweet stories of an innocent love.

smelliexena smelliexena says...

Similar story. Beautiful character development. Both story lines have you cheering for the main characters all the way. 

The Wallflower

The Wallflower

Four gorgeous guys, one fabulous mansion and one challenge - turn the landlady's niece into a perfect lady and live rent free; fail and their rent will triple! Surely this task will be no problem for Ranmaru Mori, Kyouhei Takano, Takenaga Oda and Yuki Tohyama, who are lauded as the princes of their high school and have girls dropping at their feet daily... right? The boys' dream of rent-free living comes crashing down when they meet Sunako Nakahara, the girl they must transform. Sunako has devoted her life to solitude, preferring the company of anatomy mannequins, horror movies and the darkened seclusion of her bedroom to the presence of the ‘dazzling creatures' that cause her to have violent nosebleeds. Flushing her out into the light might prove to be more than the boys can handle!


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ThePatches ThePatches says...

YNSH is much more comedy-focused than Kimi ni Todoke, but both series share the same themes of friendship and believing in yourself. If you find the adorable asides and attractive spreads of Kimi ni Todoke appealing, you're gonna love YNSH's use of SD punchlines and beautiful outfits.

If your love of shoujo runs toward the amusing-but-heartfelt. You're gonna love Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge as much as Kimi ni Todoke.

Szwagier Szwagier says...

Both of those mangas focus on a gloomy, "sadako-like" girl without much self-confidence. Due to influence of a certain boy (or a group of boys in Yamanade) she gradually changes her ways, becomes more open and learns how to loose the "ghost" aura in order to show her beauty.

The main difference is that Yamanade main focus is comedy, and Kimitode main focus is heartwarming. Still, both are entertaining shoujo stories with "if-you-make-effort-you-can-change-and-make-friends" theme.

wolfangel87 wolfangel87 says...

Wallflower and Kimi ni Todoke have very scary girls as the main heroines, or at least everyone believes them to be scary.  The male protagonists in the story are attempting to change the socially awkward girls into something'normal' for the society around them.  Neither one of the heroines have very much self-confidence in themselves which makes it hard for them to make friends.  The journey to change is what is exciting about each of the series.

I Am Here

I Am Here

Invisible to her classmates, Hikage Sumino is an eighth grader with no self-esteem. Her only friends are the visitors to her Internet blog. One day, the most popular boy in the grade suddenly talks to her. Encouraged by this twist of fate, Hikage determines to transform her life and declare to the world, I Am Here!

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blueangel06661 blueangel06661 says...

You might like this manga because both of the main characters are at first misunderstood or shy and are separated from the rest of their class. Though both of them are used to this loneliness deep down inside they still long to be a part of the warm class. They both are given a chance far beyond their dreams with the help of the guy who is the center of the class and close friends they encounter through troubles along the way.

Garylikesmanga Garylikesmanga says...

Both of these stories deal with a shy girl having a crush on a popular boy. They also deal with bullying from those ever so cruel teenage girls, at some point. These stories feel similar, but they have key differences.

wolfangel87 wolfangel87 says...

When a shy girl is finally able to break out of her shell with the help of a cute boy then true friendship is finally reveled.  The love and hop the characters express throughout each manga entertained with relationships of everyone envolved.