Kimi ni Todoke: From Me to You

Alt title: Kimi ni Todoke


Custom Lists

Best Artworkby ViolaPetrichor

This is me at my strictest. Honestly, I like the artwork of everything I've read. It's half of the reason I choose to read anything. It's the primary means of portraying the story and the characters' emotion. I say "best," but this is really just my...

Best Couples (manga)by GoldenAmethyst

Some of the cutest couples in manga

Opposites Attractby LupaLunae

List of "romance" manga I've read where the two love interests are the opposite in terms of personality. Note: has yaoi, shoujo, really anything if it has a romantic undertone or plot and fits the list.

Slice of Life Wonders ~ Manga Editionby ViolaPetrichor

Slice of Life Recommendations. Mostly Shoujo, but some Shounen included. Not all of these are tagged or listed in the slice of life genre, but they include elements of the genre. Things that usually draw me to slice of life are the easy-going pace...

Manga/Manwha that are a must readby Trinah101

Some of these I have finished, some of these I have not because they are still coming out... or my library stinks at keeping up with their manga... which they do... T.T... At anyrate, these are books that I believe should be read at some point. One...

Heart Twistersby ViolaPetrichor

Get me right in the a good way.

Favorite Shoujo/Joseiby ViolaPetrichor

Recommended Shoujo and josei manga