Kill Me, Kiss Me

Vol: 5; Ch: 34
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Kill Me, Kiss Me

When Tae Yeon Im finds out that the idol star that she's adored for ages is currently attending the same school as her identical cousin, Jung-Woo Im. She convinces her cousin to exploit their similitude and switch places, or maybe he just likes wearing a skirt? So, she will dress as him, attend his school, and try to get close to her lover boy. Meanwhile, he will dress as her, attend her school, and revel in its sea of babes. The plan seems flawless until Tae learns of a bully named Ga-Wun Kim who likes to beat up on poor Jung-Woo. While Jung-Woo finds that being a woman might not be as thrilling as perceived.

Source: MU

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NicoNicoDesu's avatar by NicoNicoDesu on Nov 5, 2012
Score 4/10

I don't know about you guys, but this is one heck of a title. Seriously, "Kill Me Kiss Me?" HELL YEAH! Story: The story in volume one is about a girl who learns that her idol goes to her school so she convinces her cousin to become her and she becomes him (she's now a guy and he's now a girl) so she can meet her idol. This is kind of pointless, because the rest of the volumes (two through five)... read more

fuckssake's avatar by fuckssake on Nov 30, 2016
Score 4/10

SYNOPSIS Since there's no synopsis yet I thought I'd give you a quick one. And since there's two different stories I thought I'd give you a quick synpsis of both. Chapter 1 = Highschool girl Tae Yeon is obsessed with handsome supermodel named Kun Kang. When she learns that her identical cousin Jung-Woo goes to the same school as Kun, she convinces him to switch places with her for a week. Tae dresses up as a... read more



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