Kijin Gahou

Alt titles: Fetus Collection, Suck It, Holy Night (Shintaro KAGO)

Vol: 1; Ch: 9
2.218 out of 5 from 241 votes
Rank #8,733

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bollier's avatar by bollier on Nov 29, 2010
Score: 6/10

First and foremost, let me say I read this for the bizarro badge.  The story in this manga is ok, but a little bit too perverted for my taste.  Basically, Santa starts giving the people in the world gifts, to the point that they are crushing people.  The main character, for example, is recieving... let's just call them "pleasure wands."  The characters are good enough to get the... read more

Thrawn's avatar by Thrawn on Sep 20, 2011
Score: 4/10

The premise just begs for some absurd crap to happen and the magic shrooms or plants did their work. It's completely bonkers in it's premise and downright ridiculous as it progresses to the sexual content. Absolute lunacy. It's ugly, crazy and a disturbing ending to launch the last firecracker. Santa doing fly-by's had me sold, swarming people with presents they don't want. It's a one shot so five minutes for... read more



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