Alt title: Kateikyoushi Hitman Reborn!

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Once, the ninja village of Konohagakure was attacked by an evil nine-tailed fox spirit. This demon slaughtered many people until the leader of Konohagakure, the 4th Hokage, sacrificed his life to seal the fox inside a newborn child - Naruto Uzumaki. Now, twelve years later, Naruto is a member of the Ninja Academy; but due to his past Naruto is shunned by the rest of the village, and since he has no friends or family he plays the part of class idiot to get attention. However, he is determined to gain respect by becoming the next Hokage - the most powerful shinobi in the village. With his apparent lack of abilities, will Naruto be able to realize his goal through determination alone?

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ichimaruitachi ichimaruitachi says...

Both of the main characters start out as the weakest of all the characters and end up as the most powerful characters of their series. All the battles in both series create growth within all the characters. And they both have a good balance of humor and action.