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When Akira Narikawa was a boy, he communicated with the spirits of the swords that passed through his house. The grandson of a famous sword smith, he has grown to be a young man who doesn’t want to inherit the family business, and attends school instead. But Akira soon finds himself in the company of swords and their spirits once more, and with his special talents and kindness he always is able to calm what evil lies in wait. In addition to meeting new friends, Akira will touch the lives of many – both the living, and the dead.

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sothis Oct 8, 2009
Score 6.8/10

Katana is a lighthearted and engaging look at a young man who can communicate with the souls dwelling within swords. As a child he was cast aside by his peers who thought he was crazy, and he definitely doesn't want to be charged with the burden of running the family sword meister business. Nevertheless he finds that he keeps running across swords and spirits in... read more



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