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Karneval Cover Image
  • Vol: 13+; Ch: 81+
  • 2007 - ?
4.05 out of 5 from 346 votes
Rank #1,450


Nai’s friend Karoku is missing, and the only clue to his disappearance is a mysterious bracelet. One day while travelling, a young thief named Gareki saves Nai from a monster and takes an immediate interest in the trinket he carries, as it is the insignia of Circus, an elite group who travels the world capturing notorious criminals. Together, the two decide to track down Circus and see if they’ve taken Karoku, but luckily, the group finds them first. Unfortunately, they have no idea who Karoku is or why he had one of their identity bracelets, but in the hopes of getting to the bottom of the matter they offer their assistance. Now, Nai, Gareki and their new friends set forth to find Karoku, but with more questions piling up each day will it be possible to achieve their goal?

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Manga Relations

Manga Name Year Relation Type More Info
Karneval Anthology 2013 TBD

Anime Relations

Anime Name Type Year Relation More Info
Karneval TV 2013 Anime Adaptation
Karneval Specials DVD Special 2013 TBD
Name Role
Touya MIKANAGI Artist
Touya MIKANAGI Author

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Allen Walker is not your average fifteen-year-old boy - he is an exorcist and a member of the Black Order, an organization charged by the Church with the elimination of Akuma. The Akuma are the minions of The Millenium Earl - an evil demon-like entity intending to cleanse the world by destroying the entire human race in the manner of Noah's great flood. Allen and the other exorcists are special people who are compatible with a substance named Innocence, which allows them to form Anti-Akuma weapons; and as such Exorcists are the only ones capable of fighting the Akuma. Allen and his friends must battle to save humanity from the Akuma and Earl's evil plans.


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In a few ways they are similar, like the valugra and the the domons out of D.Gray-man

Along with the organisations Circus and the Excorcists