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Kare no Satsujin Keikaku

Alt titles: His Murder Scheme

Kare no Satsujin Keikaku Cover Image
3.049 out of 5 from 96 votes
Rank #5,782


Yasuhiro Takagi could have been an average seventeen-year-old high school sophomore, but recently he's decided that he wants the experience of killing somebody. With meticulous detail he ponders how and when the event will take place. Should he pick a stranger or someone close to him? A yakuza to help society, a celebrity, someone old or young? And above all else, what will people think of him when he does it?

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Name Role
Mohiro KITOH Artist
Mohiro KITOH Author

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Title Author Score Date
Kare no Satsujin Keikaku SANC16 5/10 Oct 23, 2013
His Murder Scheme SANC16 5/10 Oct 23, 2013
Kare no Satsujin Keikaku mkkmypet 9/10 Aug 8, 2010
List Title Username Entries Date
Favorite Oneshots phoenixaurora 8 Mar 22, 2012
Added Characters (Manga) Kari5 313 Jan 15, 2012
Un-read Shonen Sachi 60 Apr 29, 2011

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These two short manga treat death and murder like a normal, everday thing. The nonchalant and offhand fashion of the characters is pretty disturbing. However, the quality of the endings really differentiate these manga ("KnSK" has a much better ending than "SCS"). Otherwise, they would be very similar.