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Kare Kano

Kare Kano Cover Image
4.154 out of 5 from 975 votes
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Yukino Miyazawa appears to be the perfect high school student. She is at the top of her class and the envy of all her classmates, but no one knows that things are not what they seem. When at home, Yukino is spoiled, slovenly, stubborn, and spends every spare minute studying to keep her place at the top; so when she's knocked from the top by Soichiro Arima, she vows to destroy him. One day Soichiro tells Yukino he likes her, but she quickly turns him down since him falling for her means she's ‘won.' Soon after, Soichiro discovers that Yukino's prim and proper attitude is a facade and blackmails her into doing some of his school work. Yukino gets fed up with the situation and stands up to Soichiro, causing him to apologize and re-declare his true love for her after learning what Yukino is really like. Yukino has also fallen for the real Soichiro after his confession of also having to play the role of the perfect student. Together they decide to stop pretending and learn how to be themselves.

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Anime Relations

Anime Name Type Year Relation More Info
Kare Kano TV 1998 TBD
Name Role
Masami TSUDA Artist
Masami TSUDA Author

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Title Author Score Date
Kare Kano soulofdamnation 9/10 Jun 5, 2012
Kare Kano KittyEmperor 9.5/10 Jan 26, 2011
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Favorite Characters Egyptchan 0 Mar 9, 10
Romance Genres ranking Szwagier 2 Nov 30, 09
xocorinne27 wants to read Kare Kano
Crossbourne rated the Kare Kano manga 5/5 stars
Crossbourne read Kare Kano at 21 of 21 volumes
Mulberry read Kare Kano at 21 of 21 volumes
berniceCS wants to read Kare Kano

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Maid Sama!

Maid Sama!

President of the Student Council at the almost-all-boys Seika High School, the hard-as-nails Misaki Ayuzawa works every day to make life easier on the small population of co-eds who have enrolled there. Though an unholy terror to all things male during school hours, in order to provide for her impoverished family, she secretly works after school at a maid cafe in Akihabara. However, when campus hottie Usui Takumi wanders into the restaurant during her shift, suddenly she finds her reputation in school at his mercy...

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both of these are about a girl who has a secret (yukino has a hidden personality and misaki has a secret job)

We Were There

We Were There

Yano Motoharu is the most popular guy in class, the school’s basketball ace, and highly charismatic to boot! No wonder Nanami Takahashi can’t resist falling in love with him. When Yano returns Nana’s feelings, things seem too good to be true and the two begin a relationship; but Yano has a contradictory personality which confuses Nana most of the time. On top of that, tragic events in Yano’s past won’t stop haunting their relationship. Unable to halt their passionate feelings, are Yano and Nana heading for disaster or can they save each other from irreparable hurt?

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This manga is full of drama, romance comedy and tragety all together in a well balanced story line, not only do you get a good dose or real life love stuations in both stories but the plot leaves you wanting more each time you finish a volume, it sucks you in to the point feeling in love and depressed at the same time making you remember your first actual love.