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Kanojo no Namida ga Yuki da Toshitara

Kanojo no Namida ga Yuki da Toshitara Cover Image
4.176 out of 5 from 27 votes
Rank #943


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Koyomi MINAMORI Artist
Koyomi MINAMORI Author

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Favorite Oneshots phoenixaurora 8 Mar 22, 2012
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Favorite Manga Ailly 12 Nov 6, 2009

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Yumenara Samenaide

Yumenara Samenaide
  • Vol: 1; Ch: 3
  • 2006

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These collections of oneshots have similar themes.  In particular, the first oneshot in each of these is about waking up from a coma caused by an accident to discover that the one you loved is not the same anymore.  One ends with moving on from a first love and the other ends with rediscovering a lost love.