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Kamisama wa do Binbou

Kamisama wa do Binbou Cover Image
  • One Shot
2.617 out of 5 from 49 votes
Rank #6,868


A young and poor man makes his living by working at a convenience store, saving money by eating expired lunch boxes. One day a ragged yet beautiful girl enters his store and asks for one of his lunch boxes. He refuses and she explains to him that she is the god of poverty. He doesn't believe her and challenges her to possess him - which she promptly does through a kiss, taking all of his money in the process.  She informs him that a contract has been established which will allow her to take money from his savings account every month for the next year, and that he must take care of her until the year is over. What will happen to this young man who can barely take care of himself, let alone a god?

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Arai HAYAKAWA Artist
Arai HAYAKAWA Author

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Both stories are about a girl who disrupt a man's life, making themself at home in their house. They are short and to the point, with little action. If you want a romance that is swift and entertaining, then these stories are for you.