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Best Yuri Manga I've Readby MrAnimeAMVmaker

Read Order A.K.A the order I've read them. Also This List contains Shoujo-AI. All these manga are 3 Star and Above. This doesn't contain Manga I am reading just manga I finished.

Big list of short manga recommendations by /r/mangaby thor123

This is a compilation of recommendations for short manga (normally 7 volumes or less, but I made a few exceptions) made by reddit's manga subreddit. - The numerical order is ordered in 3 alphabetical "levels": first are the manga I read, then...

My Favorite Mangaby vongolajake

Starting to read more now a days so heres a quick list of my favorites for now

Planned Manga Buysby BokutoPrecinct

A handful of the manga I am going to buy soon, (Personal Note: refer to MAL + TM shop for others)