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Alt titles: Suicide Island

Jisatsutou Cover Image
  • Vol: 10+; Ch: 100+
  • 2008 - ?
3.907 out of 5 from 233 votes
Rank #2,082


Recently the number of attempted suicides have increased dramatically, straining the health care system. To combat this problem, those who try to take their life are placed on a special island where they must live out their days, while the rest of the world believes them to be dead.  Some respond by immediately committing suicide while others decide to try to live; but with no supplies doing so will be difficult. Now, this group of strangers must work together to survive on Suicide Island, or die trying.

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Kouji MORI Artist
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Title Author Score Date
Jisatsutou JtkBasketball 8/10 Sep 23, 2012
Suicide Island JtkBasketball 8/10 Sep 23, 2012
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Highly recommended shadowboa 15 May 16, 2014
My top 10 manga MutenRoshi 10 Dec 17, 2013
Some of the manga I enjoyed most RinoaAeris 61 Nov 30, 2013
Beasta243 is reading Jisatsutou manga at 63 of ? chapters
Beasta243 is reading Jisatsutou manga at 61 of ? chapters
signorRossi is reading Jisatsutou manga at 10 of ? volumes
casuna rated the Jisatsutou manga 3.5/5 stars
casuna is reading Jisatsutou manga at 100 of ? chapters

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Suicide is on the rise for no apparent reason, affecting adults and children alike. All they have in common is accounts in a brutal online game called Dystopia. When tragedy strikes a woman named Hitomi, she soon joins Dystopia and explores its horrors. But when she realizes the game feels a little too real, it’s up to her and a genius hacker named Shunsuke to figure out what’s really causing these deaths.

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Both manga show people overcoming suicide and realising they can live in the real world with effort and determination.