Jinzouningen Kikaider

Vol: 6
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After a terrible accident occurred at the lab, Professor Komyouji vanished - and with him, the hopes for completing his most recent creation: Jiro, a robot with a malfunctioning conscience circuit. With no memory of who he is or what is his purpose, Jiro is mentally lost; his saving grace is the Professor's daughter, Mitsuko, who - though afraid of Jiro - pledges to help him either repair his circuit or destroy him if his emotions become out of control. Unfortunately for Jiro, there is a far more sinister danger at hand: Professor Gill and the evil organization Dark are sending countless robots to destroy him, forcing Jiro to transform into his full cyborg self, Kikaider. With the help of Mitsuko, Jiro must ward off the forces of Dark while trying to discover what it means to be human...

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