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Isshuukan Friends.

Alt titles: One Week Friends

Isshuukan Friends. Cover Image
4.428 out of 5 from 33 votes
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Maccha HAZUKI Artist
Maccha HAZUKI Author

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Manga to Read 2014 iksman 36 Dec 27, 2013
Tylerz76 stalled Isshuukan Friends. at 3 of ? volumes
LisaSmarties is reading Isshuukan Friends. at 3 of ? volumes
markoftheblackrose wants to read Isshuukan Friends.
HaganeNoKokoro is reading Isshuukan Friends. at 3 of ? volumes
KibaKu rated the Isshuukan Friends. manga 3/5 stars

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If you've read Seishun For-get or Isshuukan Friends, I belive you'd like the other, they both deal with frequent memory loss, in Isshukan friend, she keeps the memories for one week, while in Seishun For-get it's on a day to day basis. They both deal with the difficulties of having to reestablish a connection after becoming friends and then losing the memories of the other person.