Alt title: Aizu

Vol: 15
3.977 of 5 from 686 votes
Rank #2,039
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Sixteen-year-old Seto is in love with Iori, a beautiful girl in his class who was recently the centerfold of a sexy swimsuit photo shoot. Though he finds it impossible to express his feelings to a girl he likes, Seto spends time with Iori anyways and they slowly grow closer together. All Seto wants to do is confess, but he's finding it difficult... especially when his long lost childhood girlfriend, Itsuki, walks into his life! Will Seto ever manage to tell Iori how he truly feels?

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junkmunch's avatar by junkmunch on Sep 25, 2010
Score 9.5/10

Some people might glance at this manga and dismiss it as fanservice-y, perverted, or whatever. But this manga actually goes much deeper than that. It has a lot of wisdom to say about growing up and how a young man should live their life. Normally, I would keep harem manga far away from a teenage boy (for obvious reasons.) This one, I wouldn't. I approve.</div> read more

Aquarius16's avatar by Aquarius16 on Jun 14, 2010
Score 9/10

I thought I"s was good, the artist did very good on the characters and everything. I feel that the movie was lacking some of the story, so I kind of like the manga better than the movie. Then again I'm kind of like that with any book I read and then watched the movie. Nothing beats your own imagination. read more

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