Vol: 1; Ch: 6
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Whenever Ion Tsuburagi is in trouble or has a wish, she chants her name letter by letter and something good happens. However, nothing good can come out of student president Kouki Shirashi having a crush on her that she doesn't return! While escaping from him one day she runs into Mikado Hourai, president of the Psychic Powers Research Society. And soon after she finds an item that he's researching, ultimately leading her to acquire mystical powers of her own! After this discovery Mikado confesses to her, but Ion can't help but think he only wants her around for her powers alone...

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hamletsmage Feb 14, 2016
Score 7/10

I'll premise this by saying that I found I.O.N. on the bargain shelf at my local used bookstore. I had never even heard of the manga before I saw it sitting there, dog-earred and costing pocket change.  Story: The story follows Ion as she gains psychic powers and falls in love with the president of the psychic research club at her school. There's a lot of romantic rival subplot, which is ok, but not... read more



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