Vol: 56; Ch: 558
3.915 out of 5 from 2,684 votes
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Kagome was just a normal girl, until one day she fell into a well that brought her to feudal-era Japan. After encountering hordes of demons and discovering that she's the reincarnation of a priestess, Kagome must now journey to protect a sacred jewel from evil with the help of a half-demon named Inuyasha. Along the way they make many enemies and friends, and travel between the modern and feudal eras.

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fishoom's avatar by fishoom on Aug 12, 2011
Score: 7.7/10

Review - Inuyasha

By fishoom

[Keep in mind I am a girl in my late teens, so you can keep in mind how my age and gender influences how much I enjoy (and therefore review) a manga]

Target Audience: Older teens (due to nudity and violence). Although most people consider Inuyasha a shounen manga, it can easily be enjoyed by girls, providing that they have a tolerance for lots of... read more

mangaislife's avatar by mangaislife on Nov 13, 2010
Score: 4.6/10

Premise - Jewelry breaks. Plot Exposition - PFFT THAT'S HILARIOUS oh you were being serious. /Terribly corny with terrible pacing and just so repetitive. Protagonist - Extremely UNlikable. Selfish, whiny - Love Interest - Even more so unlikable. Selfish, whiny, arrogant, insensitive. Antagonist - Well written at first, but really just uses the same tactics over and over again to intimidate and comes off as... read more

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