Vol: 6; Ch: 28
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The Kawahira family specializes in dealing with troublesome spirits with the help of inukami, strong dog spirits that take human form. Members of the family are expected to make pacts with strong inukami in order to fulfill their duties, but their family has a black sheep: the perverted Keita, who charges people for his help. His inukami, Youko, is dedicated to make Keita completely hers. Her favorite form of punishment for him when he strays is teleporting him into the city completely naked. He's been arrested for indecent exposure so many times that he's a jailhouse regular, and is considered an outcast by his family and normal society; yet an inukami of the highest caliber chose to be his partner?! Is there really more to him than perverseness?

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HevyWG Nov 28, 2011
Score 8.5/10

A very cute and light-hearted Manga that can entertain many with its creative humor, well drawn panels, and a well thought through plot. Now despite how much i like this Manga there is one thing that always gets me a little bugged on these types of Manga, and that would be that there are far to many girls to guys,(Now dont get me wrong im a 100% straight male), for in my opinion this hurts the plot by... read more

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