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Immortal Rain

Alt titles: Meteor Methuselah

Immortal Rain Cover Image
  • Vol: 11; Ch: 66
  • 1999
4.226 out of 5 from 337 votes
Rank #784


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Manga Relations

Manga Name Year Relation Type More Info
Touhou Shinigami: Meteor Methuselah Gaiden 2007 TBD
Name Role
Kaori OZAKI Artist
Kaori OZAKI Author

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Title Author Score Date
Immortal Rain YoruZuGenga 10/10 Mar 4, 2012
Meteor Methuselah YoruZuGenga 10/10 Mar 4, 2012
List Title Username Entries Date
Other Favorite Manga (not in order) stormyclouds 28 Mar 12, 2014
manga list 3+ YamiRin 2267 Feb 2, 2014
Goodluck Mr Wong Gisor 167 Jun 7, 2013
Post Name Username Comments Date
First impression: Immortal Rain JAhU 0 Feb 25, 12
songjira wants to read Immortal Rain
Steairn rated the Immortal Rain manga 3.5/5 stars
Steairn read Immortal Rain at 11 of 11 volumes
Steairn is reading Immortal Rain
Catsy read Immortal Rain at 11 of 11 volumes

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Like Immortal Rain, Trigun has the classic fundamental for adventure shojo tough little girl that can for the most part take care of herself but still needs help quite occasionaly meets mysterious immortal man who puts up a happy front. cant remember the bad guys or plot so musta not been 2 catchy lol


Both stories have main characters who are immortal, a little goofy in ways that try to mask how much they care. Both have a long history with a villain, who is in many ways very sympathetic, although Trigunb definitely has a villain, while I think Immortal Rain has more of an anti-hero. Bith are set in post apocoloyptic worlds that the immortal characters are in some way involved in creating. Both have female leads who can tale care of themsleves, and both have a number of interesting an original ideas throughout the works that i won't spoil.

If you liked the style and tone of one, you will probably be a big fan of the other.


Both manga focus on an immortal man who is currently several hundred years old, and has a huge price on his head.


Vash from Trigun and Rain from Immortal Rain are very similar characters. They both appear as happy-go-lucky idiots at first, but in reality they are far more than that. Both of those manga are good action adventure series, what's more Immortal Rain seems to have been heavily inspired by Trigun. If you liked one of those you definitively should read the other one as well.

Trinity Blood

Trinity Blood
  • Vol: 16+; Ch: 66+
  • 2000 - ?


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Similar concept of post apoclytic world. Rain and Abel Nightroad are effectively the sam person, both with "immortality" and a dark past. Trinity blood is however more violent than Immortal Rain.