Ilegenes - Kokuyou no Kiseki

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Jan 28, 2013

Summary: The island of Ilegenes has made huge technological advances in the fields of cybernetics and genetic modification, earning it the nickname the "Genetic Sodom" for veering so far off the path of nature. These technologies are easily available to the wealthy through the thriving black market, which not even the government has the power to oppose - a fact that the young Fon Fortinbras Littenber is made keenly aware of after his parents are murdered for expressing anti-cloning sentiments. Now, the boy attends an elite military university, where he plans to work his way up through the system in order to re-structure the corrupt government and destroy the black market. But despite his hatred of cloning and human modifications, his impossible eye color and aptitude at academics and sports lead the other students to suspect that he is actually a modified human...

Story: I really like the aspect of modified humans because that's where technology is heading. I just like the unique aspects of the plot and its twist and turns. The first volume or so is more getting to know the characters, but they still have dark undertones. Then after that volume the entire series gets dark. I mean it's not like blood and gore (though there is a mild gore scene in the 4th volume), but rather it's dark in a psychological way; though I definitely lean towards the former. The reason I gave the story a 8 and not a 10 was because this was an instance where the manga NEEDED to be longer.

Art: I liked the art, I liked the physical character designs, though that may be because of the bishounens but it's all the same. 

Characters: I liked the characters for the most part. Jacques and ES were great characters and they were interesting enough. But the crowning jewel of the series is Fon. I loved his outspoken nature without being obnoxious and forcing his opinions on people. He was also really subtly developed and we really got to know his character. I can't really talk about this character in depth because that would spoil the whole manga.

Overall: I would recommend checking this manga out. Though I do warn you that it has a VERY subtle ending and this series is also not for people who what everything spelled out for them. One more warning: this series was too short! It would have been ALOT better if it was longer and the story was fleshed out bit more. 

(P.S stop saying that "OMG I wanted to see some boy on boy action involving Fon and Jacques". If you want Yaoi or shounen-ai read or watch Yaoi or shounen-ai. There is a thing called 'friendship between guys' sheesh.

8/10 story
8/10 art
8/10 characters
8/10 overall
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