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Iinazuke Kyoutei

Iinazuke Kyoutei Cover Image
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Ogawa KENSOU Artist
Ogawa KENSOU Author

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Fierce is reading Iinazuke Kyoutei manga at 2 of ? volumes
Fierce is reading Iinazuke Kyoutei
Lefty112 is reading Iinazuke Kyoutei at 2 of ? volumes
Lefty112 is reading Iinazuke Kyoutei at 2 of ? volumes
Tygryss is reading Iinazuke Kyoutei manga at 2 of ? volumes

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Both series are awfully similar. In both the male lead is poor despite the fact that he comes from a wealthy family. Nonetheless the possibility of him inheriting the wealth seems to be high. Now a harem of would-be fiancées shows up and declares that in a time of year or two he is to pick one of them as his wife. They have it even written down on paper with rules and such (one of them being that should he not pick any of them during that time, they would go away and never show up again or something along the lines). The main difference between those two series is the male lead. In Hachi Ichi he is a hopeless idiot, but in Iinazuke Kyoutei he is a calm and quite resonable youth. Another difference would be the fact that the girls in Hachi Ichi seem to be after the guy just for the money, but in Iinazuke Kyoutei they haven't made it clear if they actually like him or have an ulterior motive (at least not yet). Due to the countless similarities, you probably can't go wrong with one if you liked the other.