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Ichigeki Sacchu HoiHoi-san

Ichigeki Sacchu HoiHoi-san Cover Image
4.104 out of 5 from 27 votes
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In the year 20XX, bugs have become immune to all forms of insecticide. In order to deal with this crisis, the Japanese company Mars Pharmaceuticals has created HoiHoi-san, a super-cute 11.5 cm tall insect exterminator robot. With five color variations, a massive line-up of interchangeable weapons and many other accessories, HoiHoi-san has gained many fans. But when rival company Kinryu releases their own interceptor doll, HoiHoi-san has more to worry about than market dominance, as these new 'Combat-san' units aren't content with just exterminating insects...


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Kunihiko TANAKA Artist
Kunihiko TANAKA Author

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