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Hoshi wa Utau

Hoshi wa Utau Cover Image
  • Vol: 11; Ch: 65
  • 2007
3.714 out of 5 from 94 votes
Rank #2,978


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Natsuki TAKAYA Artist
Natsuki TAKAYA Author

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Fruits Basket

Fruits Basket

Tohru Honda might just be the unluckiest girl around. After a series of unfortunate events Tohru has no place to call home - that is, until the wealthy yet cursed Sohma family offer to take her in, in exchange for performing the household chores. However, soon Tohru discovers that there's much more to the Sohma family than meets the eye. Though shocked and surprised, Tohru promises to keep their secrets; but will the Sohma family approve of an outsider knowing who they really are?


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These two manga's have got a similar art style (probably due to the fact they are from the same author). The main characters in each of have very similar personality traits and are in similar circumstances. These main female leads also are both surrounded by a strong male cast, of which similarities can be seen as similar between the two manga's, e.g. why they are in the household they live in, romance to a mysterious man and others.


If you like this Fruits Basket, you will definatly enjoy Hoshi wa Utau and vice versa. The art is the same (seeing as its the same person) but I didnt have any problems keeping the stories seperate. Sometimes, authors tend to have overlapping storeis or characters across their mangas, so I was a little concerned when I first started. 

I love Fruits Basket. Its my all-time, non-replaceable favorite manga. Its well written, well drawn, and inspirational (to me at leat). 

Both mangas have characters you fall in love with, plots that keep you interested, and themes-upon themes-upon themes.