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Opposites Attractby LupaLunae

List of "romance" manga I've read where the two love interests are the opposite in terms of personality. Note: has yaoi, shoujo, really anything if it has a romantic undertone or plot and fits the list.

Slice of Life Wonders ~ Manga Editionby ViolaPetrichor

Slice of Life Recommendations. Mostly Shoujo, but some Shounen included. Not all of these are tagged or listed in the slice of life genre, but they include elements of the genre. Things that usually draw me to slice of life are the easy-going pace...

Favorite Shounen/seinen Mangaby ViolaPetrichor

I figured I made one for Shoujo/josei so might as well.

personal manga listby flawlesspizza

manga that i really love and i really enjoy/enjoyed reading warning i do say " READ IT" alot here so if you hate that then yay or something!

My Favorite Romance Manga! 💜💕by RedCherrychapstick

This List Is Excluding Yaoi/shoen-ai Since It Has Its Own List Already I'm still working on it so thank you for your patience!

Cute/Sweet Mangaby LupaLunae

These stories may be cute in a variety of ways. From just having a sweet story or adorable characters, I found these manga to be cute. Note: Variety of kinds of cute. Some I just found to be heart warming. Also I'm completely open to new...

LOL MANGAby CassieFleurs

I couldn't help laughing out loud while reading


No order really but this are my favorite (although maybe not that good) of all that I've ever read