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Noteworthy Mangaby BlueDawn

Manga worth checking out!

Must read: Shoujo manga'sby iamnikki

Not particularly shoujo manga's, but the manga's which I think are romantic and humorous. I highly recommend it to people who enjoy a strange/lonely girl in their daily life, slowly subconsciously falling in love; but has to overcome many obstacles...

favoritesby Skronkk

Favorites, finished and unfinished. Not in any particular order

Questionable Manga Length (? volumes)by SebasCielStar

Series could be on-going or new, so a definite volume set is not there yet.

Bronze Listby yonex96

these are all also really great mangas, all rated 4 1/2 stars XD most of my shounen mangas are in this list too, but they're all very much worth reading so please enjoy :)