Hiren Trip

Vol: 2; Ch: 8
3.6 of 5 from 118 votes
Rank #4,690
Hiren Trip

Miyu, an ordinary new first-year student who hopes to become a mangaka meets the schools’ class president who seems to have a hidden side to him. While being pushed around by the cool but private class president, the curtain on Miyu's stormy school life is raised.

Source: MU

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AngelBeatsYui's avatar
AngelBeatsYui Jul 14, 2015
Score 6.5/10

Warning this review may contain spoilers :3 STORY So the story is quite simple, we have this girl Miyu who wants to become a mangaka then she meets this boy and that whole scenario. *Cough* Lovey Dovey *Cough*. Anyway I thought the story was solid there were cute areas andyou could easily understand. It had a cute theme to it, and really was just a light read. The pacing around the transistion between chapter... read more

justjiha's avatar
justjiha Apr 1, 2015
Score 7.5/10

I enjoyed reading this one. There's Miyu who wants to be a mangaka and then there's the school pres who's taken quite an interest in her. I thought he was a pervert or something because he started seeing her and ordered a Romance novel from the bookstore? But then everything clicked into place when I realized that the guy approched h Miyu just to probe and question her... [Spoiler ahead] I was so shocked to... read more



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