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Himitsu no Ai-chan

Himitsu no Ai-chan Cover Image
3.988 out of 5 from 67 votes
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Tomboy Aiko and hottie Leo are their school's basketball stars and fierce rivals, always trying to outdo each other in life and on the court. But when Aiko takes a job at her brother's maid café and dons a gorgeous disguise, Leo becomes smitten with the girl, much to her dismay. Can these once-enemies become more than just friends, even in the face of love rivals and the pressure of keeping their budding relationship a secret? 

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Title Author Score Date
Himitsu no Ai-chan mythrainbow 8/10 Jul 8, 2013
List Title Username Entries Date
manga list 3+ YamiRin 2268 Feb 2, 2014
Top Manga animelovexx 16 Jun 21, 2013
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Badyl22 rated the Himitsu no Ai-chan manga 5/5 stars
Badyl22 is reading Himitsu no Ai-chan manga at 4 of ? volumes
undertaker667 won't read Himitsu no Ai-chan
Roxyslife is reading Himitsu no Ai-chan at 4 of ? volumes

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Special A

Special A

Hikari Hanazono has never been able to beat Kei Takishima at anything. At six years old the two were introduced by their fathers, and Hikari promptly challeneged Kei to a wrestling match, believing she'd easily beat him. However, she lost, and since then she's vowed to beat Kei, following him wherever he goes. Now fifteen years old, Hikari attends the super-elite school Hakusenkan where she and Kei are the two top students; Kei holds first place, while Hikari is second. While Hikari considers Kei her special friend and most importantly her rival, Kei is secretly in love with her. Will Hikari ever beat Kei, and Kei's love ever be requited?


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Both of these manga are about two rivals who compete over everything and they start to date each other. Both of the male protagonists have a similar possessiveness over the girl.