Highschool of the Dead


Custom Lists

  • Elfen Lied
  • Lucky Star
  • K-ON!
  • Hellsing
  • Bleach

Manga read/reading old school style. by TheMulchmeister

Manga which I have read and have been collected in hard copy. Listed in chronological order of when I read the first volume of a particular series.

  • BLAME!
  • Elfen Lied
  • Ibitsu
  • Gantz
  • Battle Royale

Most Violent and Bloody Manga by NicoNicoDesu

Obviously, this is supposed to complement the anime version. It should be more of the same, with some differences (let's hope for that, at least).

  • Pandora Hearts
  • Doubt (Yoshiki TONOGAI)
  • Ibitsu
  • Umineko WHEN THEY CRY Episode 2: Turn of the Golden Witch
  • Higurashi When They Cry: Cotton Drifting Arc

Best Horror Manga by NicoNicoDesu

To complement my anime list, I have created this manga list. And, yes, expect Higurashi to still be on it! (I included only the first [I think it's the first] Higurashi arc, but I mean every one of...