High School Debut

Alt title: Koukou Debut

Vol: 13; Ch: 52
4.289 of 5 from 2,401 votes
Rank #696
High School Debut

Haruna has never been feminine; she was the star pitcher of the softball team in middle school and didn't focus on relationship, but now that she's in high school she has a new goal: to have a shoujo manga-style relationship. While Haruna tries to be attractive and get a boyfriend, she has no idea how to accomplish her goal; and thus, she recruits the reluctant Yoh as her coach. Yoh is very attractive and dislikes women and the problems they cause, but is impressed by Haruna's determination and agrees upon one condition: she promises not to fall in love with him. Thus begins the crazy relationships of Haruna, Yoh and their friends as they all struggle to find themselves and their true loves.

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Szwagier Oct 30, 2009
Score 7.8/10

Shoujo is genre that suffers the most from the disease known as "Too much cliche". After all,  there is limited list of possible events, that can happen in high school romance.Some of the mangakas don't care much about it, and their titles are usually predictable and boring. Others try to cover it by making their characters go through some unbelievable ordeals (taken probably from soap operas) ... read more

sneezetease's avatar
sneezetease Feb 2, 2015
Score 3/10

This was a really juvenile story about a doe-eyed hyper high school girl in complete infatuation with her first relationship.  Now, I liked Haruna a lot.  She was a charming character a lot of the time, really strong and energetic.  But this story has been told a million times and if it's botched, it's a dreadfully boring story, and this was.  Kimi ni todoke would be an example of a good... read more

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