Ch: 187
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Gwangnam, the leader of Killberos, dies and finds himself in the underworld with a black bracelet on his wrist. He soon learns that while one black bracelet means a ticket to hell, one hundred black bracelets can be traded in for a white bracelet, which is a ticket to reincarnation.

Source: Naver

Official webcomic website: Naver

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RoyalOss Jan 17, 2016
Score 9/10

Hellper is a totally underrated manwha on this site. As Thor123 pointed out Hellper is HUUGE in Korea, but outside Korea this little gem is mostly unnoticed. Story The story is very shounen-like, the main character has to save his loved one, encounters strong enemies and has to fight but he keeps his own good morals and honor no matter what happens. But it works because it is done so well, the... read more

thor123's avatar
thor123 Jan 17, 2016
Score 8.5/10

When it comes to Korean webtoons, Hellper is a bit of an oddball. Although in Korea it's about as popular as Tower of God (a poll on Naver even put Hellper above ToG), it doesn't get much attention outside of Korea. This is painfully clear in the meager 7 ratings this manhwa has at this time, while ToG has about 2000. So now I find myself here... read more



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