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Shoujo Romanceby Ose93

I'm on a quest to read adorable shoujo romance stories.

Desire Manga List!by Hestia19

Little bit more won't hurt...

Top 50 Romance Mangaby Nozomi98

Having read over 100 Manga, these are the best Shoujo Manga. Ever. Trust me.

THAT is joseiby zazclic

and not another school life shojo (still contains hot guys, but a bit older :-), still contains comedy, and sometimes -always?- quite predictible romance)...and just the right amount of "explicit scenes" :-p

Re-readablesby HoppyPanda

Manga series that can be re-read within one sitting, are not abnormally extensive chapter-wise and are relatively engaging. They've each been revisited at least once.

Top 10 Favorite Josei Mangaby AmaiTsubasa

Lots of Yuu Watase and Maki Enjouji