Happy Every Day

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Sixteen-year-old Megumi Konno works at a convenience store as a part-time job, though what she's after isn't money. She's in love with a boy who comes into the store on a regular basis, but she doesn't even know his name! She's forced to work with a brash boy named Nishikawa, and can't seem to get her ‘prince' to notice her. Will Megumi ever catch the eye of her beloved?

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MageOnx's avatar by MageOnx on Jan 18, 2010
Score: 8/10

Although the manga is veeeeeery short, it is still a beautiful and touching classic love story where a boy loves a girl who loves another dreaming boy who has a girlfriend. But, the girl Konno reallises her love was in vain and after the other guy catches a cold and is absent from the part-time job they're both working at, she sudenly realises his affection and decides to give him a chanse. There, I spoiled the... read more