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Desire Manga List!by Hestia19

Little bit more won't hurt...

Favorite Mangaby NotSoMagicCarpet

These are the manga that I stayed up all night reading, the ones that held me more than the rest. In the order of which ones I love most.

Underrated Mangaby SSailorSScoutSS

List of some of my favourite manga that are verrrrry underrated.

Favorite Favorites (Manga)by kristenmichella

My Favorite Favorites! Not in order but Red River, Moe Kare!!, and Love Celeb are my TOP 3 ♥

My Favorite Mangaby kristenmichella

This is a list of my all time favorite manga! I would definitely read again and still remember almost everything that happened in them because they were just that good! (In Alphabetical Order)