Hana-Kimi: For You in Full Blossom

Alt title: Hanazakari no Kimitachi he

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Girl Got Game

Girl Got Game

Kyo Aizawa, an ordinary girl, is excited to learn that she has been accepted to Seisyu Academy. However, her excitement is turned to mortification as she looks at her school uniform for the first time and realizes that it's a boy's uniform! It turns out that her father, an ex-basketball player, enrolled Kyo as a boy in order for her to play on Seisyu Academy's famous boys' basketball team. And as if things couldn't get worse, Kyo discovers that not only does she have to play on the boys' team, but she also has to live in the team dorms. Can Kyo keep her secret safe?

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choco choco says...

Both of these mangas are about a girl who disguises herself as a guy for personal reasons. Both of the girls fall in love with a boy who does sports. They both have their funny moments and serious moments and they're both awesome.

jaysah925 jaysah925 says...

if you enjoyed the gender-bending, dorm life genre  of hana kimi (or vice-versa); you'll surely love the other! both have sports as a theme (although one is more prominent than the other) and it's definitely SHOUJO!

these two mangas have practically the same essence, it's so hard not to compare each to the other!

while there may be some differences in their plot line, when it comes right down to it, both have a way of satisfying your inner Shoujo-seeking self!

Aimeka Aimeka says...

When I first read Girl got game i though 'Hana-kimi no. 2'.

The story is different, but the idea's resemble each other a lot. Both story's have a girl cross-dressing as a guy, being roommates with the guy she loves, and both girls like sports.

If you like one, you'll like the other, because it's the same idea but with another storyline and different characters.

theresabooty theresabooty says...

This has the concept of gender bender. During their time of gender bender, they run into strange conflicts. Within those conflicts, love is developed. It makes the manga more absorbing.

bunifu bunifu says...

Both about a girl dressing up as a guy and going to an all-boys school, although in Hana-Kimi she does it voluntarily and secretly and in Girl Got Game she's being forced to.

Ouran High School Host Club

Ouran High School Host Club

Ouran High School is a prestigious private academy where money and status count for everything. Haruhi Fujioka is a scholarship student at the elite school, and is appalled by the lazy attitude of the rich and powerful students towards their studies. The Host Club is a clear example of this: a group of six attractive and wealthy boys spend their time entertaining the female pupils for a profit. When Haruhi accidentally breaks a ¥8,000,000 vase belonging to the club, they force her to work off her debt as one of the club's members; and to do so, she must masquerade as a boy! Can Haruhi keep her gender a secret from the club's exclusive clients?

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Bessie Bessie says...

'Host Club' fans would like 'Hana-Kimi' because these two manga have a lot in common. Though their plots are a kind of different, the main characters are girls, pretending to be boys. And they get trough lots of funny - and sometimes not - adventures.

liltootsiepop liltootsiepop says...

Both of these long-running romantic comedies explore the same themes in different ways; both of the female protagonists have to dress as males and trick classmates in order to achieve a goal.  They also explore homosexuality and cross-dressing to some extent.

Hana-Kimi is slightly more serious and to-the-point but still has elements of comedy.  The romantic elements are done in quite the same way and the art style of both series are of very similar tastes.

CMHerrera CMHerrera says...

Both Ouran and Hana-kimi have a main heroin who ends up having to dress up as a guy for a good reason. And both ends up having to hide the fact that they are girls.

Both have there funny moments and sweet times.

thejadegecko thejadegecko says...

Both stories deal with the main female character being surrounded by males and having to keep the secret that they are really females dressed up as males - from others. In Hana-Kimi, the main female Ashiya choses to dress up as a male to follow and be with her idol, Sano in his all male school. But in Ouran High School Host Club, the main female Haruhi is forced to dress up as a male to work in their club in order to pay back her debt. The stories themselves are different and unique, but share the same issues with trying to make sure people don't mind out the main female character is really a girl, and dealing with the troubles of falling in love. If you liked one, you will like the other.

Mint na Bokura

Mint na Bokura

Ever since they were born, the twins Maria and Noel have always been together at school and home. But when Maria falls in love with a boy and transfers to Morinomiya Junior High Boarding School without telling him, Noel is angered that another guy could come between them and decides to follow his sister and enroll at Morinomiya himself. However, there's a catch: with only one vacancy remaining, Noel will have to live life as a girl and stay in the female dorm! Now Noel is living as Maria's twin sister, much to her disgust and annoyance, and is making her life as difficult as possible. Between his friendship with the most popular sophomore in the basketball club and worrying about his roommate Miyu, will Noel still be able to achieve his goal and bring Maria back home?

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vikibla vikibla says...

I think that you'll like this manga as well since it's also gender bender, and has a lot of funny and fluffy moments as well. Also, both principal character are kind of similar (stubborn, and sometimes don't realise that they're posing as a girl/boy).

Bessie Bessie says...

Hana-Kimi and Mint Na Bokura are two very funny gender bender mangas. Though Hana-Kimi is a bit more serious, and though the main Hana-Kimi's character is a girl and Mint Na Bokura's a boy, they're pretty similar.

Love in the Mask

Love in the Mask

Suh Hyun-bin grew up under the cruel hand of street gangsters, but after her little brother dies, Hyun-bin runs away and is taken in by a rich family to be trained to become a bodyguard. However, she must hide that she is female, and pose as a man. And so, for eight years, she grows up as a cold, male, bodyguard. It looks like she'll be this way forever--until a fateful encounter with Lee Yun-ha shakes her very foundations, and leaves her conflicting with herself, as her feelings of love clash against her feelings of duty.

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Squagilly Squagilly says...

Since nobody else has made any reccomendations, i thought i should... the girls in both of these manga must hide there true identity, even though Hana Kimi has a much lighter feel to it, Love in the Mask is also a really good manga, definetly more mature though.... i highly recommend them both, i cant wait to find out what happens next in Love in the Mask!

andreichekov andreichekov says...

They are pretty much the same story. Just Hana-Kimi is lighter hearted.

minimum of 100 characters

Here is Greenwood

Here is Greenwood

Hasukawa Kazuya has absolutely no luck. The woman he loves has just married his older brother, and in order to avoid the lovey dovey couple, Hasukawa decides to enter the dorm of a prestigious high school. However this dorm, named Greenwood , seems to be home to the school's strangest students and thanks to Hasukawa's bad luck he ends up as the roommate and neighbor of the three strangest students of all! It seems Hasukawa's dreams of a quiet life are all but doomed as he gets swept up in the antics of Greenwood 's residents!

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spring2snow spring2snow says...

Hana-Kimi and Here is Greenwood both have set-ups and eccentric casts of characters.  Greenwood's storytelling has a more contemplative touch:  The humor is often more subtle and the "romantic" bits are less squealy than those in Hana-Kimi.  Both series have well-developed characters and (to my eye at least) solid artwork.