Hajime no Ippo


Kenny900's avatar By on Jun 14, 2012

So far into reading this I have not once wanted to stop reading (except when it gets to the love-dovey embarrising part where I feel embarresed for the charactor, usually Ippo).It is a brillient read as I love reading Martial arts manga.

While Boxing isn't a martial art, it is an art form and a highly competitive sport and the writer has managed to translate this extrodinarly well in my opinion espcially as I may or may not have found out the results of the fight before hand I still feel my heart in my mouth when reading the matchs.

The changing of some of the charactors from their original form striving to get better seems to be well done, however the writer has also chosen some charactors to stay the same which is very clever. All in all a great read and I'm looking forward to reading the next 700+ chapter.

On a side note there is some fantastic comedy/time in the story.

9/10 story
8/10 art
9/10 characters
9/10 overall
BigDumbOhFace's avatar By on Oct 7, 2014

I first got into the series because of a bunch of Let's Players I subbed on Youtube liked talking about it.  That channel is called "TheSw1tcher".  They, especially Matt, talked about how hype it was so I went and checked it out.


Kind and gentle Ippo Makunochi is usually left out at school because he's helping his mom with the family business since his father passed.  Because he's always singled out, he is often bullied.  On one fateful day, he is saved by a man named Takamura Mamorou, who is also a professional boxer.  After being saved, Ippo decided to completely change his life and become a pro boxer as well even though he knows nothing of the sport.  It's a really good underdog story.  It's something you can't just not dislike.  A really nice guy who has sacraficed his life for his loved ones really deserves something that makes him happy.


Basic shounen stile.  Big thick heavy lines.  I"ve definitely grown acustomed too.  Kind of want something new but it's fine because it works for me.  There's this one thing about sports mangas to me.  It's hard to display multiple actions with just pictures.  It's a lot better seeing the action fully performed instead of picture by picture.  Boxing is somewhat different though.  Pictures somehow work for it.  It's probably because boxing is a spectator's sport, though.  I'm not entire sure.


What can I say?  Ippo is just so likeable.  Maybe he's a bit too likeable.  He's a true nice guy and has done nothing bad, really.  One moment was when he first started fighting and after he won, he bowed to the crowd and said, "thank you."  The crowd couldn't help but appreciate how much ofa good guy he is.  Elsewhere everyone pretty good.  Kamogawa as the surrogate father of Ippo and all those who attend his gym is areally nice.  Takamura as the big man on campus is really funny but he's really douchey at time.


Really good manga.  The story telling is really done right.  Although it's almost 1100 chapters it doesn't really seem much as there's a bunch of 10page chapters.  That does get really annoying since it doesn't come out on a regular basis.  That's all I want more from this manga: consistent releases and no kimping out those rleases.

9/10 story
10/10 art
8/10 characters
9/10 overall