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Gravitation Cover Image
3.678 out of 5 from 773 votes
Rank #3,095

User Stats - Reading

Username Status Vols Ch Rating
00CrowChan Reading     not rated
achemel Reading 2   not rated
Aellepi Reading 4   not rated
Agumi Reading     not rated
Aio Reading 5   not rated
AkiHachi Reading 4   not rated
Amara Reading 6   5 star rating
amarouse Reading     not rated
Amaya0624 Reading 3   not rated
animefreak792 Reading     5 star rating
animemiz Reading 2   3.5 star rating
AnnabelleRoxayne Reading 5   not rated
AskaRay Reading     not rated
Atiye Reading 9   5 star rating
AyameWolfe Reading 1   not rated
BadeendDesDoods Reading 1   not rated
BlackLily Reading 6   5 star rating
bladeangel Reading 1   4 star rating
bloodyblackrabbit Reading     not rated
Breathlessheir Reading 3   not rated
bublinka113 Reading 5   not rated
bunnikins0012 Reading 4   not rated
chichii Reading 5   5 star rating
ChidoriKaname Reading 3   3 star rating
CirceBaka Reading 6   not rated
conflictingsouls Reading     not rated
CorpseOnHoliday Reading     5 star rating
crimsonredwings Reading 7   5 star rating
Dael Reading     not rated
DarkN3k0 Reading 2   not rated
DarkRedRose Reading 10   not rated
daughterofhades Reading 6   not rated
debz Reading 8   5 star rating
DGrayManFTW Reading     not rated
DominateOne Reading 2   not rated
dragoonwisper Reading     not rated
DreamingDead Reading 3   not rated
Drixi Reading 4   3.5 star rating
Druw Reading 1   not rated
DunmerRogue Reading 2   not rated
Dytra Reading     5 star rating
Elaress Reading 3   not rated
elimindedra Reading 3   not rated
EnvyX Reading 3   4 star rating
ErinSnuggles Reading     not rated
esvo Reading     not rated
Evelina Reading 7   not rated
evenfall Reading 5   5 star rating
Fallenangel176 Reading     3 star rating
fezakyuu Reading     not rated