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Goong Cover Image
  • Vol: 27; Ch: 179
  • 2002
3.775 out of 5 from 228 votes
Rank #2,697


The monarchy was abolished long ago in Korea – but what if it still existed to this day? Chae-Kyung lives in such a world where Korea’s palaces are filled with royalty and the crown prince Shin has transferred into her school. Her initial run-in with the boy is unpleasant to say the least; but what’s worse, Chae-Kyung soon discovers that she and Shin are forced to be married due to a promise their grandparents made! How can a simple commoner learn to live the life of a princess when she can’t stand her newly beloved husband?

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Name Role
So-Hee PARK Artist
So-Hee PARK Author

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Title Author Score Date
Goong MMaru 8/10 Jan 31, 2013
Post Name Username Comments Date
Goong chamomille 0 Mar 12, 13
Wonderlands and Other Pretty Places angelgidget 3 Mar 10, 10
tammyjr15 read Goong at 27 of 27 volumes
Animeaim wants to read Goong
nas22atani read Goong at 27 of 27 volumes
rosethorn999 wants to read Goong
Menarielle wants to read Goong

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Special A

Special A

Hikari Hanazono has never been able to beat Kei Takishima at anything. At six years old the two were introduced by their fathers, and Hikari promptly challeneged Kei to a wrestling match, believing she'd easily beat him. However, she lost, and since then she's vowed to beat Kei, following him wherever he goes. Now fifteen years old, Hikari attends the super-elite school Hakusenkan where she and Kei are the two top students; Kei holds first place, while Hikari is second. While Hikari considers Kei her special friend and most importantly her rival, Kei is secretly in love with her. Will Hikari ever beat Kei, and Kei's love ever be requited?


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The style of these two mangas are really similar. It's a romance series which always has comedy to break up the serious mood. There is also some similarity between the main characters.

Tail of the Moon

Tail of the Moon

In the year 1580 in feudal Japan, Fifteen-year-old Usagi is a klutz of a ninja who can't seem to complete her training. As she's unfit to be a ninja her great grandfather sends Usagi to Segachi on a very special mission: to marry the skilled ninja Hanzo Hattori and bear his child! However, there's a problem: Hanzo has no desire to be married. Usagi is allowed to stay with Hanzo for one year in order to complete her training, during which she tries her hardest to catch his eye. But lovely rivals such as Yuri and the Princess Sara, and love triangles with childhood friends and others stand in the way of true romance. Will Usagi ever end up with her beloved Hanzo?

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Though Tail of the Moon is set in feudal times and Goong is present day, both involve girls who are forced into relationships of sorts that they don't have much desire to be in; yet soon they find their feelings changing. Plenty of shoujo for all!